Totally reliable and consistent.

Easy to setup and configure.

Up to 8 judges can simultaneously score each dive independently.

Dive is downloaded in digital format, rather than to DVD or videotape, taking less than 60 seconds.

Faster judging due to streamlined judging process.

Accurate timing.Timer displayed on-screen, removing the need for stopwatches.

Screened via TV’s and projectors.

Upload of scores and video to the internet

Scores published and updated immediately upon judging

Data backup to ensure total recovery following hardware failure

Used at the Worldwide for International and National Events
What is CamScore?
It is a system to run all levels of skydiving competitions, a pc based system which can run FS, VRW, CF and Artistics, Classics... anything which downloads footage it can score.

How do I get CamScore?
You can Rent CamScore for your event or it comes for free as part of the TotalDZ package. Contact Us for further information and low, low prices
The absence of video tapes/DVDs meant that the frustrating wait for team tapes to be retuned from the judges was non existent and there was no backlog of jumps waiting to be downloaded.  Although I cannot speak for the judges, these advantages must have worked in their favour too, resulting in faster, more reliable turnaround of the cameraman’s product. 
Dave Ledward
Chairman, RAFSPA

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The CamScore system currently provides all of the functionality of the Old scoring system plus the ability to download immediately into the system for instant computer access to downloaded rounds.  Previously, we had to download onto VHS or DVD which would then be used as the source input for the Old scoring system.  CamScore uses a Windows-based computer to capture the footage using an automated interface for the cameramen - this certainly went down well with the team cameramen!

All of the feedback from the judges was positive and all said that the system was easier and quicker to use than any other
In terms of usage on the drop zone, the DZTV output works very well, and the on-screen graphics, score tables and announcements went down very well with the competitors.  The system coped well with 47 4-way teams on one weekend and the following 8-way and Artistic competitions

As a judging system, it seems to be far far superior to the Old scoring system, and I would recommend that you contact the Cametrix guys and have a look at it.  It would also be worth contacting Kate Charters (Chief Judge at the BPA Nationals) for her opinions on the system. 

Paul Hollow
Centre Chief Instructor, Target Skysports
(Home of the UK Nationals)